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Buying Jewelry is easy rather than taking it with care – How to Take Care of Your Jewelry?

Best Quote About Taking Care of Your Jewelry

“If you love; your jewelry – Put it on at last after makeups and hairdos or after applying hairspray”

Shayla Jean Dou 


Buying a lot of jewelry is easy if you are full of pocket rather than taking it with care. It is quite obvious that every lady is anxious about the latest imitation jewelry. Curiosity for new imitation jewelry to be in trend can never be led down by the passion of excited ladies for collecting jewelry. Well, the thrills are always gone green for buying it rather than for keeping it safe.

Girls usually want to buy beautiful and elegant jewelry with every attire to look wonderful. It is very challenging for them to buy the perfect matching jewelry with their every new outfit but they forget the most crucial thing to take care of their jewelry most of the time. Yes, how to protect your jewelry items from tarnishing, corrosion, rust, breaks, and dullness as 80% of all collection you have is – Fragile. Different imitation jewelry is made of different materials on which various precious stones are stuck. Therefore, we need to understand which metal or pearl needs what sort of care.

Handy Guide to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Below is a detailed handy guide about how to take care of your artificial jewelry.  

  1. Don’t keep all jewelry together

Different jewels are made up of several materials so need various heeds for cleaning processes. It is very crucial to deal with the cleaning methods in specified ways with regards to the jewelry type, design and value.


when a retailer buys jewelry wholesale they keep it with care either you try to buy wholesale imitation Jewelry online you will see how they keep jewelry safe in bulk when you deliver your package at the doorstep.

  1. Keep them in Air Tight Box or place them in a Zip-lock bag

If metals of imitation jewelry are exposed to air and water especially Bengals or Bracelets when you have to wash hands, clothes or utensils. They are most get tarnished due to the often washed reasons. To keep them safe from humidity or dampness, you need to keep them in zip-lock bags or air-tight boxes.

  1. Don’t Show-case your Jewelry in Sunlight for too long

Keeping your imitation jewelry in sunlight may fade away all its shine and brightness from the pearls and metallic ornaments that will make it dull.

  1. Keep Your Jewelry Away From Cosmetics, Lotions, Perfumes

It is said that when you put on a piece of jewelry let say a necklace; then applying perfume is inviting dullness to harm your jewelry badly. So, keep cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes away from your imitation jewelry.

  1. Never Use Toothpaste to Wash Your Jewelry after watching any DIY tutorial

A lot of people use Google or YouTube by asking the queries “How to wash our imitation jewelry and got a list of tutorials to wash our jewelry in DIY videos. But we should not use such acts onto our precious imitation jewelry as we don’t know how it will get affected on your ornaments. Maybe it gets cleaned but toothpaste may damage your jewelry’s ornaments in long run.

  1. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

Same as toothpaste, avoid using a harsh chemical to clean your precious jewels. There are many of the chemicals in the market with a manual guide indicating that we provide you with damage-free cleaning. So, be aware before you trust them to apply those onto your precious wonderful ornaments.

  1. Clean Your Jewelry Weekly or Monthly

You need to wash your jewelry once a week if you are unable to do so. Do wash it once a month but use mild soaps or gently rub it with oil and cleanse that oil with soft tissue paper to keep your jewelry safe from dust and dirt.

  1. Use Silver Dips for Silver Jewelry but Not For Gold Jewelry

When you plan to go swimming or sport, try not to wear silver or gold. Well, for specifically real gold or silver jewelry polishing is a good preference.

  1. Dry It Properly

Try to dry the jewelry properly before keeping it back to jewelry box with a mild cloth

  1. Using Microfiber Polishing Cloth Is Best

The fragile and thin oriented jewels need not be washed but need more heed to get washed with a microfiber polishing cloth.

  1. Pearl Necklaces Should Be Tied Straight

You need to put all parts of jewelry in a straight way like in jewelry boxes specifically designed to make for each product. Especially, pearl necklaces should be tied too straight hence they could not get tangled.